About Us

We can save 15-25% or more on your lease or purchase transaction.

ExclusiveTenantRep.com is the only locally-owned and operated Commercial Real Estate brokerage and advisory firm that exclusively represents users — We never represent landlords. So theres no conflict of interest, our number one priority is helping you find the right space with the best economic terms and conditions. We take care of virtually all of a company’s real estate needs locally, or throughout our international network of affiliated offices.

We do not inventory or “list” properties for sale or lease unless it is an existing client’s surplus space. Our service platform assists end users of Office, Industrial, or Retail Properties by implementing our market knowledge, local customs, experience and negotiation savy to your ultimate benefit. We advocate for the lessee/purchaser never lessor/landlord.

Why Hire Us?

For many business owners, there may come a time when decisions need to be made about property. Does the current office or warehouse space still suit the needs of the company? If leasing, are there issues with the landlord that are irresolvable? Is it time to consider moving the operation, either locally or out of town?Regardless of the size of the business, doing the research to determine if a move is necessary will prove to be as important as regular business operations. While it can be said that the successful business owner has the knowledge to make his or her company succeed, there may be instances where outside expertise is needed to allow for smoother transitions. In such cases, the business owner may find it beneficial to retain the services of an exclusive tenant representative.

Why Do You Need ExclusiveTenantRep.com?

Some business owners might think the added expense of hiring somebody for research unnecessary, but there are advantages to engaging the services of a tenant rep.

Time. The amount of time spent away from the business while research on commercial real estate is conducted can be costly. An exclusive tenant representative takes the responsibility of searching for potential new locations and compiling comparison costs of offices and other facilities. This way, the business owner can concentrate on maintaining the success of his company.

Unbiased Results. In situations where relocation is a must, a tenant rep can provide detailed analyses of commercial property, leases, and other considerations with an unbiased eye. The goal of the tenant rep is the complete satisfaction of the business person, not the landlord. A reputable tenant rep will offer sound advice without any conflicts of interest.

Advocacy. If the transaction does not move, a tenant rep may be helpful in lease negotiations, inspecting the property for damage and repair, and with other tasks. The tenant rep’s goal is to make sure that work flow remains uninterrupted.

Before you think about moving your business, think about whom to hire to help you get fair answers and fast results. An exclusive tenant representative can save you the aggravation that often happens when a business owner needs to negotiate a lease. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.


We can save 15-25% or more on your lease or purchase transaction. Contact us today at (757) 438-4000 or fill out the form below.